Ordinances and Building Codes

Comprehensive plans must be consistent with zoning, subdivision, official map and shoreland and wetland ordinances. We can write these and other ordinances or help you update your existing regulations.


Towns of Chilton and Stockbridge, Calumet County 

Both Towns recently adopted comprehensive plans that were developed as part of Calumet County’s multi-jurisdictional comprehensive planning process that received funding from the Wisconsin Comprehensive Planning Grant Program. We were brought in to assist them with writing their first zoning ordinances. Incorporating density requirements to preserve farmland, consistency with the Calumet County Farmland Preservation Program, and the impact of Wisconsin’s Livestock Facilities Siting law were important issues.

Town of Franklin, Manitowoc County 
We assisted with writing the Town of Franklin’s Comprehensive Plan. Immediately following adoption of their plan, we were asked to rewrite their Zoning Ordinance and write their first Subdivision and Access Control Ordinances. Because these ordinances would be major tools for the Town to implement the principles of the Comprehensive Plan, we recommended the town combine them into a unified development ordinance that included specific references to the Comprehensive Plan’s goals and objectives. We administer the Unified Development Ordinance and amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, which includes staff reports, recommendations, and attendance at Plan Commission meetings.

Town of Oakfield, Fond du Lac County 

We assisted with writing the Town of Oakfield’s Comprehensive Plan. Immediately following adoption of their plan, we were asked to rewrite their Zoning Ordinance. The Town’s major geographic feature is the end of the Niagara Escarpment, which will be protected by special building setbacks from the top and bottom edges of the ridgeline, regulation of nonmetallic mining, and discouragement of farm operations on top of the ridge that characteristically has shallow top soil on top of karst bedrock. We have been contracted by the Town to respond to all land use questions, accept and review zoning and comprehensive plan amendment applications, and provide staff support at plan commission meetings.

Town of Rushford, Winnebago County 

We were asked to rewrite their Zoning Ordinance, write a new subdivision ordinance, nonmetallic minerals mining ordinance, and developer’s agreement. The Town of Rushford wanted an ordinance that allowed one-acre lots in what was called “Encouragement Zones” surrounding two urbanized areas in their town. Otherwise, all other land in the town was limited to conservation subdivisions or certified survey mapped lots that provide a seventy-five percent set-aside of land devoted to open space, conservation easement, or donation for park and open space purposes.

Town of Freedom, Outagamie County 

A company interested in developing a wind farm approached the Town of Freedom. The Town then hired us to draft a wind energy ordinance that could be adopted in advance of any applications being submitted to the Town. 

Policy Review and Development

Multiple Towns 

While attending town board and plan commission meetings, we are constantly listening for areas in which the town should consider adopting, amending, or repealing policies that guide the implementation of the town’s plans, ordinances, and standards.