Wetland Boundary Delineations in Wisconsin

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requires that specific guidelines be followed when determining the precise location of wetland boundaries. Knowing the exact location is vital in preventing holdups to the permitting and planning process of projects.

Wetland Delineation, Atlas Resin Proppants, Jackson County

Wetland Delineation/Mitigation Plan, CTH D. Waupaca County
Town of Matteson, Waupaca County

Martenson & Eisele is currently working with Waupaca County Highway Department on the reconfiguration of a portion of County Road I.  A wetland delineation for the project was completed in the summer of 2013.  The project is going to have wetland impacts that will require mitigation.  Martenson & Eisele is currently working with the WDNR, USACE and the County to work through the permitting process that will require permittee-responsible mitigation to offset the impacts caused by the realignment of County Road I.

Wetland Delineation.  Grant Street Trail
Village of Winneconne, Winnebago County

Martenson & Eisele staff conducted a wetland delineation for the property in order to determine the location for a proposed trail along Grant Street that is needed to allow for safe foot traffic from a residential area past the industrial park to the nearby Marble Arthur Park.  Wetland resources were identified on the property, resulting in the need for permitting or installation of a boardwalk across the property.