Waterway Determinations

Because of negative ecological effects related to past land use practices, such as sediment and nutrient laden stormwater, vegetation removal, and increased overland flow regulations have been developed to protect our state’s public waterways. Using our knowledge and experience, we are able to make preliminary decisions about these waterway issues that you can use during the design process of your development. 

Wetland Delineation/Navigability Determination, Good Shepherd Services
City of Seymour, Outagamie County

As part of an expansion project for the Good Shepherd Services, Ltd, Martenson & Eisele completed two delineations for the project.  During the wetland delineation, this difficult site was reviewed for wetland resources.  Majority of the undeveloped area of the site was mapped as wetlands by the WDNR inventory.  The site was a challenge due to upland soils being located within wetland areas.  Great care had to be taken during the evaluation to determine hydrology and hydric vegetation in order to adequately define the wetland boundary.  Concurrence on this delineation was received by the WDNR and USACE.