Environmental / Ecological Services in Wisconsin

Environmental challenges can impact almost any project. Our experienced and dedicated professionals can find the balance between development and environment to provide personalized, effective solutions to any project challenge. When nature hangs in the balance, let us help you make the most of your property. Whether its wetland delineations, Phase I and II Environmental Assessments or Stormwater Management, you can trust our Environmental Specialists!

Environmental Services

Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I through IV) 
Environmental Site Assessments research, identify, define, and remediate any recognized environmental condition (REC) associated with commercial real estate transactions. They also provide reinforcement for the innocent landowner defense under the EPA’s CERCLA rule.

Environmental Transaction Screens
Environmental Transaction Screens provide a modified environmental assessment and level of assurance during commercial real estate transactions for properties that do not have a history or indications of environmental problems.

NEPA and Environmental Transaction Screen Assessments
Many government agencies require assessment of a project’s potential environmental impact in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). These public record reports, that may have significant influence on project progress, can be completed for every unique situation.

Radon Surveys
The inner environment is just as important as the outer environment.  We can help you make sure that you are not risking your health in a contaminated structure.

Remediation Services
No mess is too big! We can remediate any recognized environmental condition to provide increased property value and peace of mind.

Consumer Confidence Reports
How safe is your drinking water?  Consumer Confidence reports are required annually by the WDNR for each water system in the state, and provide a snapshot of your water system quality for the previous year.

Jurisdictional Wetland Hydrology Determinations
Identifying wetland hydrology is the most important aspect in determining whether an area meets the definition of a jurisdictional wetland, but most wetland delineations only rely on soil and plant characteristics to determine where jurisdictional wetland boundaries are located. However, changes in the surrounding landscape can alter hydrologic patterns that may not be detected by examining plant communities or soil characteristics.  By monitoring groundwater dynamics, we can determine if areas within your project have undergone a change in their wetland status.

Pond Design
Whether you need assistance in designing a pond to enhance your property or help with enhancements to a required storm water pond, many things can be done to beautify and improve the health of your ponds.  From native aquatic plantings to innovative pond size and shape design, you can expect Martenson & Eisele staff to listen to your concerns and come up with a plan to achieve your goals.

Ecological Services

Wetland Boundary Delineations

Wetland Functions and Values
Determining a wetland’s functional value is an important step in the planning phase of a project.  It can help guide decisions related to wetland impacts, and plays a large role in determining wetland set-backs related to Wisconsin’s stormwater statute.  Because of the potential importance this assessment has to development, determining the proper functional values is vital.  Our experienced staff will ensure that the proper functional values are assigned to the wetlands on your site.

Waterway Determinations

Waterway and Wetland Permit Applications
Wetland impact can sometimes be unavoidable during the construction of a project.  If the impact to the wetland area is under 10,000 sq.ft., a State Wetland Permit can be applied for. Martenson & Eisele, Inc. can also assist in permitting pond creation, as well as alteration to existing ponds.

Soil and Site Evaluations (Perc Tests)
As part of the state’s stormwater rules, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources requires that sites be evaluated for the suitability of infiltration devices.  This evaluation must be conducted by a certified soil professional.  The staff at Martenson & Eisele has the necessary credentials to properly examine the suitability of your site for infiltration practices.

Habitat Restoration
Restoring the plant communities within or surrounding a project improve aesthetics, attract desirable wildlife species, and improve economic value of a site. Regardless of the reason or size of the project, our ecologists have the experience and knowledge required to design and implement your wetland, prairie, or woodland restoration.

Flora Surveys
Flora surveys are a vital component in the planning process for many industries and enterprises.  Whether it is for the identification of invasive plants or to search for threatened or endangered species, our staff has the knowledge and skill required to perform these services on your project.

 Threatened & Endangered Species Inventory
State and federal laws require that protective action be taken if federal or state listed species are present within a project area. As part of your project’s planning process, a threatened or endangered species inventory should be conducted to ensure that your project will not negatively impact these susceptible species.