Civil Engineering for Transportation Projects in Wisconsin

Martenson and Eisele provides a full range of transportation services from the planning phase, engineering studies, design, estimating/budgets, permitting, bidding, and to the final construction phase.

We understand that streets are the largest asset that a municipality possesses and that a dependable, safe and efficient transportation network is of utmost importance to your community.

Our engineers have experience with roadway reconstruction, comprehensive road maintenance techniques for differing applications, new street extensions, culvert, bridge design and transportation studies.

We work municipalities throughout Wisconsin.

Martenson & Eisele offers the following Transportation services;

Environmental Analysis and Permitting

Right-of-Way Platting

Bicycle and Pedestrian, Trail Planning and Design

Local Urban Street Design

Rural Highway Design

Bridges and Culverts

Pavement Rehabilitation

Signage and Pavement Marking
Signing and marking is used to provide guidance by defining the limits of safe travel. The Wisconsin Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices defines the general application, design, and location of signing and pavement markings.

Boat Launch, Seawall and Marina Facilities
Boat launches, piers, seawalls, and marinas are an integral part of recreational facilities for many Wisconsin communities. Construction or reconstruction of these facilities is frequently part of a community's park and recreation plan. The Wisconsin Waterways Commission funds some of these projects through matching grants.

WisDOT Pavement Ratings (PASER Reports)
The Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) is a pavement rating procedure. Local government uses the ratings inventory along with traffic volumes to develop maintenance, repair and replacement schedules. The DOT uses the rating inventory as a means to monitor use of State road aids by local communities.

5 Year Pavement Maintenance Plans for Budgeting
Parking lots and loading areas represent a significant financial investment for their owners. That investment can be minimized if the parking lot is initially designed and constructed properly, and if an annual maintenance plan is implemented.