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Environmental Department

Environmental challenges can impact almost any project, let us help you make the most of your property!

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Our experienced and dedicated professionals can find the balance between development and environment to provide personalized, effective solutions to any project challenge. When nature hangs in the balance, Martenson and Eisele, Inc. is ready to discuss your environmental needs.

Wetland Determination and Delineation

What is a “wetland?” What land is classified as wetland and what isn’t? These questions must be answered before any development can take place on land that potentially contains wetland area. Addressing the presence of wetland areas on a site and taking the appropriate action when dealing with projects that affect them, saves valuable time in the development schedule and avoids costly redesign delays.

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Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments

Should a contamination issue be identified during the course of a Phase I ESA, additional testing will be recommended. Phase II testing involves the testing of suspect areas to confirm or deny the presence of hazardous substances. If contamination is indeed present, a detailed testing program (Phase III ESA) outlines the extent of the contamination and provides necessary data to compile an efficient and cost-effective remediation plan for the site.

Waterway and Wetland Permit Applications

Wetland impact can sometimes be unavoidable during the construction of a project. Martenson & Eisele, Inc. can help you with your General or Individual Wetland Disturbance Permit. We can also assist in permitting pond creation, as well as alteration to existing ponds.

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Environmental Transaction Screens

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Environmental Transaction Screens provide a modified environmental assessment and level of assurance during commercial real estate transactions for properties that do not have a history or indications of environmental problems. These screens do not provide coverage for the innocent landowner defense.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

The potential for hazardous-waste contamination liability hovers ominously over every party involved in any piece of agricultural, commercial or industrial property that changes hands. A Typical Phase I ESA includes review of records, site reconnaissance, interviews with owners, occupants, and local government officials and a report of findings for a Phase I ESA.

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Pond Design

Whether you need assistance in designing a pond to enhance your property or help with enhancements to a required storm water pond, many things can be done to beautify and improve the health of your ponds. From native aquatic plantings to innovative pond size and shape design, you can expect Martenson & Eisele staff to listen to your concerns and come up with a plan to achieve your goals.